Shipping Terms

We are not a shipping company, however we will do our best to make sure you get items as quickly and in as good of condition as possible.

All of our larger items which do not ship via UPS will be crated -or- palletized and shipped using a freight consolidator. If you have a freight method or shipping company you prefer, let us know.

Will Call. We like it when people pick up their item, although we are often unable to spend a large amount of time helping you figure out how to secure it to to your vehicle. Please be prepared with your own shrink wrap, strapping, tape, nails, ect. Our forklift is theoretically capable of lifting 5,000 lbs. If you notice the equipment you've ordered is more than 4,500 lbs. you will want to be prepared to rent forklift equipment both at our shop and yours. If you are picking up raw material, we will still probably need to put it on a pallet if its in quantity and heavy. Unfortunately, we cannot hand load your vehicle.

Crating. All of our hot shop equipment is either crated, or put on a pallet. Crating is done for all domestic equipment shipments which are fragile such as furnaces, ovens, benches, etc.  We palletize shipments for durable items such as raw materials, heat shields, marvers, knockoff racks, etc. All our request for quote items will spell out crating costs when we send our quote.

FOB. All our fright shipments are FOB Seattle. We highly recommend insurance on shipments, however the choice to insure is yours since ownership transfers when items are shipped, and not when they are commissioned. 

Receiving. Inspect the crate on arrival! Do not accept the shipment if you see any sign of damage in transit. If you discover damage to the crate or damage resulting from a rough shipment, the shipment must be refused by you or the receiving agent. Damages during transit are the responsibility of the shipping company. Reporting and recovering damages are the responsibility of the receiver. Damages will not likely be covered by insurance for a shipment once it has been received.